Note! This page hasn't been properly updated since 2012! If you feel any crucial information is missing in the meantime, please contact me.

LogIQ for Umbraco I have done a lot of projects while working at Arlanet. This has ranged from fixing bugs in huge sites like Unicef.nl, to building frontends like PilExpress.nl and JongerOranje.nl. A product I developed during that period is LogIQ for Umbraco, which is currently still internal, but has already been implemented in 4 different websites.

Project Stealth got me into game development, which resulted in the creation of various Flash-games. One has been done in assignment of NOD32 Nederland, which was a conversion of a PC-Game to a Flash-Game. I also made various PC-Games, both based on C++ (Irrlicht) and C# (XNA). Currently I'm working on creating an engine using SlimDX, which I will then port back to C++.

I've made various tools over the years, both game and non-game related:

The following tools have actually been released:

Please note that this is all far from everything I've ever done.

Note! My résumé is also available.